And Now for Something Completely Different

Here are a list of porn movies titles I thought of that I think are funny. I haven't lifted any of these, but Mr. Joon said he had heard some of them before. I stand by their originality in my brain.

Forrest Hump
I Dream of Weanie
Lord of the Cock Rings
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Bone
Harry Potter and the Crotch of Fire (starring Lindsay Lohan)
Star Whores
Sex Toy Story
Edward Dildohands
Fantastic Foursome
Some American Tail
Fucking Nemo
The Dyke Crystal
Butt-Pirates of the Caribbean: the Anus of the Black Girl
Wonka's Willy in Her Chocolate Factory
James and the Giant Penis
Fuck Club
Intercourse with the Vampire
Lawrence of the Labia
Apocolypse Plow
American History XXX
Donnie Dildo
Backdoor to the Future
Backdoor to the Future 2
Backdoor to the Future 3
Snatch (okay, that one is real)
Rosemary's Booby
2001: a Sperm Oddissey
ET: the Extra Testicle
Invasion of the Barbie Snatches
A Streetwalker named Desire
A Cockworked Orifice
Raging Balls
An Officer and a Genital
Forever Hung
Groundhog Dick
Beverly Hills Cunt
Beverly Hills Cunt 2
Good Will Humping
My Big Fat Greek Penis
The Shawshank Erection
AI: Artificial Intercourse
Turner and Hoochie
I Hump Huckabees
Gang Bangs of New York
Black Cock Down
Monster's Balls
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dildo
Not Another Porn Movie
The Sex Files
Little Whorehouse on the Prairie


Missy said...

I'm so renting the Dyke Crystal.

Garrett said...

I was actually in a few of those films! xoxo

Karin said...

This is *still* one of my all-time fav blogs, ever. I just love it. Makes me laugh like a loon, it does!! :D

Joon said...

My Gramma read this. I wonder which was her favorite? HAHA! I loves my Gramma.