Its Not Polite to Discuss Religion with Company

A note on religion, which in a really roundabout way talks about a small epiphany I had.

I don’t know if I believe in god. Now, I believe in a higher power, etc, I just don’t think he/she/it is what people, especially Christians, think he/she/it is. I don’t believe at all that the bible is real. Even if God was up there pulling the strings, which I highly doubt, men would have written the bible and that makes it fallible so I toss it religiously right out the window. Doesn’t that make sense? Look at all the things that are wrong, compared to what science has proven. Look at all the contradictions: the biggest one being, in my eyes, that God is supposed to be loving and all forgiving but even though he/she/it is completely intangible you had better believe in them and follow all the rules or its straight to the firey pits of hell for all eternity. Doesn’t that seem a little, I don’t know…harsh? Definitely far from infallible; light years from perfect, if you ask me. But really, I might as well be a pagan, so why ask me?

Let me say however, that I get it. I was raised Christian by my grandmother. I know what its like to believe and to follow the bible and go to church, and under no circumstances am I trying to talk down to any religion. I understand how you can believe what you do, and I’m all for it. I could be wrong as hell, and infallible or not God will teach me my lesson, but I’m coming to my biggest point, and this is it: I think religion, whether based on a reality or not, is a good foundation. Its what people do with it that messes things up. A person is intelligent and reasonable, generally speaking. People are vicious, rioting, terrified masses that need to be streamlined or there would be no civilization to speak of. Religion is the perfect cog for that wheel because it tells people that there are rules you need to follow to remain a decent human being, and what better way to enforce those rules but the idea of punishment for eternity. Chastizing even after death. The golden rule alone doesn’t work, and you can witness this every Christmas season at WalMart, so we need religion to keep us morally in line.

The roundabout way this effected me? You’re going to laugh about this, because it will show you how the tiniest thing can get my mind on overdrive; thinking lofty thoughts about religion and morality. I was driving my car, a 2002 Kia Spectra with a dent in the right rear door from me hitting a parked car, that is so long and deep, it keeps the door from being able to open. It’s a fine car, its just like a model with a big scar on her face. Its all I can look at now. So I’m driving behind this lady in a brand new Sadona, and I’m thinking, “Why can’t I have a nice car like that?” whine whine blah blah. After I turn off the road, and am driving the street alone, I’m going maybe 40mph. I realize that if I were to be walking, I would not be going 40 mph. That if I were waiting for the bus, I would be sitting in the cold waiting for its arrival and then sitting in its bumpy draftiness to almost my destination. Instead, I’m driving smoothly down the road, warm, listening to the radio, and I realize how coveting is bad. I should be happy with what I have. This religious rule isn't protecting those around me, its protecting what's inside me. The satisfaction of my soul with what I have, instead of unrest with what I don’t.